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Prints by Buiter Motorsports.

Buiter Motorsports provides photos for media outlets; and digital images and prints to Drivers, Teams, and Track Organizers.  Highlights from each race I cover are uploaded to this site.  However I may have many more images on file.  If you are looking for specific car images, please contact me and I can provide you a private gallery for your selection.

Our Products...

Web-Ready Digital Download.  Our self-service system allows drivers and teams to purchase and download JPG web images for use on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Web pages.  The price is $40 for one non-commercial digital download for your website.  If buying more than one digital download, use coupon code DIGITALX for a 30% discount on all digital downloads in your cart.  Please contact me for commercial use.

MPix Lab Prints. The host for our website works partners with MPix Labs.   Please use their offers for small prints and items such as business cards.  Their service is fast for most print needs.

DuraPlaq Custom Prints.  We partner with DuraPlaq, a fine art printer based in Longmont Colorado, to handle our custom printing.   They handle all of our fine art landscape print work.    Prints can be produced on LexJet Archival Luster and Metallic papers; Canvas, and additional fine art papers from Hahnemuhle.  They also provide plaque mounting, backlit, acrylic, and traditional mat framing.    

Loose Prints are securely packed flat in a thick sandwich of corrugated or packed in a box.  We can ship loose prints up to about 36" in secure packaging.  Here are some prices for 

Small Print Price List 

FloatPlaqs allow the image to appear as if it is floating off the wall.  Made from our premium eco-friendly wood, FloatPlaqs create a durable yet creative way to preserve and present fine art. Artwork is mounted on an acid-free 3/8 inch thick surface, finished with a beveled edge, and given a ¾ inch deep backing to create a floating effect. The backing is recessed from the edge such that it is not easily seen. A simple French cleat system kit is provided to securely mount and display a FloatPlaq.  Prints can be producted and shipped up to around 50" wide.

Please Check our FloatPlaq page for more details and photos of FloatPlaq mounts and color selections.

Small Print Price List 

Custom Framing and Mounting. Our friends at DuraPlaq provide a wide range of standard and custom framing and matting options. Please contact me directly to learn your specific framing needs.

From the Artist...

Certificates of Authenticity. In this age of easy digital reproduction, a valuable way to protect your collection is to have a certificate attesting to the authenticity and process used to create your print. Each print shipped comes with a hand-signed, dated, and serial numbered Certificate of Authenticity documenting the print and the print process.

Digital Signature on Print. The FloatPlaq and AlumaPlaq mounting process seals your print under an easy-to-clean acrylic satin coating. Easy to clean also means nearly impossible to personally sign. I have created a hand-selected digital collecton of clean signatures that can be added to the lower right corner of any print. Due to signature size, I recommend this for prints larger than 16".  The signature looks great and I do not have to worry about flubbing my signature!

Hand Signature on Print.  I have hand-signed inventory on select prints after a visit to my print vendor.  I am also developing a new line of mounted prints with a local Las Vegas vendor.  Please contact me if a hand-signed print is critical to your needs.