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Karl Buiter, Photographer.


The genesis of this proud title began in the farm fields of Indiana. Armed with my dad's Argus 35mm SLR camera, I discovered photography in the small creeks, woods, and backyards within a short hike from my neighborhood. After every set of adventures a roll of film would be wound up and sent for processing. Days later the new slides would be revealed on the wall to friends and family. The Argus was a great learning camera; but it soon gave way to a newer, reliable and more capable Canon Ftb 35mm SLR. With it I learned new techniques; acquired a few lenses; and learned darkroom technique all on a paperboy budget.

However another interest developed while in high school. The school system was progressive for the 1970's and had installed a networked computer for students to use. Within months I had began writing multiple player terminal games. It was the day I went to purchase a color enlarger and came home with an Apple /// that a road was chosen. It was 1982, I was in college, and the computer game industry was emerging from the garage.I soon signed a contract with then start-up Electronic Arts; this opened the door to a wonderful career in interactive electronic entertainment development.

Fast forward thirty years and you would find me on Utah Slick rock photographing a 4x4 climbing up one of the many Moab trails. I had dabbled in photography and videography to assist various interests in those in-between years. But now I had a modern digital SLR in my hands and having a great time chronicling my friends' adventures. And soon that fun developed into a rediscovery of an old passion.